Rachel Wallace

Bachelor of Science in Architecture, The Ohio State University
What year did you join the firm?

Areas of Focus

Participate in design, assemble and coordinate drawings
Participate in tasks from programming through construction administration
Measure, record and draft existing building conditions
Research product information, select finishes, and create renderings and other presentation materials

Why the Hayes Design Group Architects? What keeps you here and motivated?
During my interview with HDG, I found myself feeling at home. Their interests, relationship with clients, and scope of work fascinated me and I wanted to start work right away. HDG is dedicated to helping with personal and professional growth and the culture within the office is great. I am motivated by the projects, client and staff relationships, as well as the overall atmosphere in the office.

What is your favorite aspect of practicing architecture?
My favorite aspect is creating a relationship between what people experience and what they hoped to achieve within a space. I also enjoy the interior design aspect that helps the client really visualize the big idea or concept for each project.

Your favorite building design/example of architecture in the world?
St. Paul’s Cathedral – London, England
Sacre-Coeur – Paris, France

Key Projects at the Hayes Design Group Architects
Central Catholic High School, Christian Brothers’ Residence (Pittsburgh, PA)
Human Services Administration Organization Office Renovations (Pittsburgh, PA)

Specialty Areas of Expertise
Design Thinking Minor – Web Design, Design Communication, Graphic Design & Interior Design

Serving the Profession/Community
Young Architects Forum – Pittsburgh AIA

Painting, sketching/drawing, and all outdoor activities (specifically wiffleball, volleyball and kayaking).  Traveling with friends and family.