Community College of Allegheny County

Community College of Allegheny County – Workforce Development Center Feasibility Study

Hayes Design Group Architects provided architectural services to the Community College of Allegheny County for a feasibility study for the proposed Donora Center.  A programming analysis specific to the proposed CCAC Donora Center was completed. The analysis included identifying and meeting with stakeholders, developing a comparison of recommended programming, workforce training, and course offerings, and meeting with the College President, Vice President of Workforce Development, and other Administration personnel to review the analysis. The work product of the programming analysis included final programming, workforce training and course offerings documents as well as a special analysis describing the physical needs for accommodation of the identified and recommended course offerings within the proposed building. Separate and complementary to the Programming Analysis, the Design Team completed an assessment of the existing building, including the shell, interior, site, and structural, mechanical, electrical, and plumbing systems.

After analysis of the existing building’s ability to house the proposed and recommended education program, it was determined that an addition to the building would be necessary. As such, the Proposed Conceptual Design for the CCAC Donora Center includes both renovations and additions to the former Donora Elementary School, along with reconfiguring the site circulation and adding new parking. The proposed Donora Center would include Industrial Learning Labs (Welding Lab, Electrical Lab, HVAC Lab), General Classrooms, Nursing Labs, Computer Labs, a Multipurpose Room, an Auditorium, a small Café, and a Learning Commons. A Total Conceptual Project Budget for the proposed design was also developed.