Kelsey Atchison

Associate Architect
Master of Architecture, Kent State University
Bachelor of Science in Architecture, Kent State University
What year did you join the firm?
Areas of Focus
Assist Project Managers and Project Architects from programming through construction administration

Why The Hayes Design Group?
I had first heard of The Hayes Design Group at a career fair while still in college. During the fair, I ran into Principal Mark Duane, and it was like we were old friends. During my many visits to The Hayes Design Group, I felt welcomed by everyone in the office. I found particular interest in their many educational and house of worship projects in progress and the firm’s commitment to community service.

What is your most memorable project to date?
During my 3rd year at Kent State, we developed a community housing design in Rwanda. This project, projected for the year 2020, was meant to address issues of gender inequality, lack of freedom of speech, and house fires and asphyxiation from dirty burn cooking techniques. While being a hypothetical project, we were able to talk with students and architects in Rwanda to get a better understanding of their customs and culture. I had a lot of fun working with sustainable technologies to create a comfortable and beneficial environment for a low-income residential community.

Your favorite building design/example of architecture in the world?
Park Güell in Barcelona, Spain and Mid-century modern housing

Key Projects at the Hayes Design Group
North Fayette County Municipal Authority Water Treatment Plant
Wabtec Corporate Headquarters Renovations & Repairs (Turtle Creek, PA)
Frontier Steel Addition (Pittsburgh, PA)
Repco II Additions and Alterations (Pittsburgh,PA)

Serving the Community
Mural design for the Georges Malaika Foundation (DRC), School for Girls, in the Congo, which promotes young girls and women’s education and health in the region
Better Blocks Cuyahoga Falls, OH, a program that fills a once-thriving Main Street with pop-up shops for a weekend to show its potential and relevance towards a revitalization effort

Specialty Areas of Expertise
Template design and organization. Researching new rendering technologies and their application to specific projects.

Gardening, canning, creating fresh delicious meals from vegetables grown in my garden, hiking, fitness, woodworking, jewelry making, sewing, and hanging around on my hammock with my variety of adopted animal friends