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Beth Center Elementary School - Additions and Renovations
Canon McMillan School District - Feasibility Study
Carmichaels Area School District - Feasibility Study
East Allegheny School District - Feasibility Study
Gill Hall Elementary School - Additions and Renovations
McClellan Elementary School - Additions and Renovations
Moon Area School District – Athletic Fields
Pressley Ridge School for Autism
Seton-La Salle High School - Athletic Field
Seton-La Salle High School - Feasibility Study
Southeastern Greene School District - Feasibility Study
West Greene Elementary School - Addition
West Greene Middle Senior High School - Renovations
West Greene School District - Feasibility Study


Holy Child Parish – Feasibility Study
Holy Trinity Parish – Feasibility Study
Holy Trinity Church - Renovations
Our Lady of Joy Parish - Feasibility Study
Saints Peter and Paul Parish - Feasibility Study
St. Bernadette Church –Alter Renovations
St. John the Baptist Parish - Feasibility Study
St. Mary Mother of God Church - Renovations
St. Paul of the Cross Church - Feasibility Study
St. Paul Seminary – St. John Vianney Manor - Addition and Renovations
Word of Life Ministries - Addition and Renovations
LDS Beckley Ward - Renovations
LDS Front Royal Ward - Renovations
LDS Westerville Ward - Renovations
LDS Zanesville Ward - Renovations
LDS Uniontown Branch - Renovations


Canonsburg Borough Building - Renovations
Chartiers Township Municipal Building - Renovations
Chartiers Township Community Center
SPWA Water Treatment Plant - Addition
West View Water Authority Administration Building - Renovations


BabstCalland - Renovations
Bombardier - Addition and Renovations
Bortz Chevrolet - Addition and Renovations
BP/7 Eleven Store - Renovations
Chabalie Sunoco - Addition and Renovations
Focus on Renewal Renovations
McMurray Dry Cleaners - New Building
Neighborhood Legal Services - Renovations
Pittsburgh Air Systems